St. John's Lutheran Church

Conover, North Carolina

St. John's Preschool

Parent Involvement

Communication is the key to the success of the preschool, parents, and child. Just as we will contact you with joys and concerns, we would encourage you to share your joys and concerns with us. To effectively meet the needs of all parties involved, open communication is essential. Parents with joys or concerns may direct them to the appropriate teacher. If a problem still exists after talking with the appropriate teacher the parent may direct concerns to the preschool Director. Just talking to the parties involved can solve most problems. If you desire a conference with your child's teacher, please feel free to contact the teacher and set one up.

  • NOTE: The above will not apply to suspected abuse and neglect. North Carolina Day Care Law requires that all suspected abuse or neglect be reported to the Department of Social Services.

Parents, grandparents, and other visitors are allowed unlimited access to our preschool, and they are always welcome in our classes to visit during operating hours. However, you are required to notify the director or your child's teacher when you are on the premises.

We are always happy to learn of any special talents or interests of parents, grandparents, and friends who would be willing to share with our class. (Storytelling or reading, woodworking, art, or ethnic or cultural sharing.) Please notify the director or your child's teacher if you or someone you know might be willing to share a special talent.