St. John's Lutheran Church

Conover, North Carolina

Mar 2010 Mission Newsletter from Russia

Pastor Leif Camp reports on the latest mission work in Russia. Pastor Camp is very grateful for our continued support.

This month several things continue: Zhanya has a 6 month contract with the Church to head up the Pro-life office and put it in order, I have been invited to write a series of short radio devotions based on pro-life themes, we have an open invitation to organize some seminars in the Ural district of the Church (the Ural district is the only district I have yet to visit), and other work continues. Our children Karl and Nastya are thriving at the International Christian Academy, and life is moving forward faster than I would like!

This month I began mentoring--I wrote about it in the attached prayer letter, if it is at all interesting. Since I have focused my efforts on one parish, I hope my work will be more effective and I will spend less time running here and there, but at the same time, this makes for less new things to write about (and I have gotten used to new things every month!). Anyway, Passion week is ending, Easter is just ahead. Praise God.

Besides my usual missive, attached are the following pictures:

aeEdikscouts Yes, I am still working with the scouts, here I am talking with
Edik, the scout leader. Progress has been slow as far as opportunities to
plant seeds--Russian laws are becoming more strict concerning teaching
religion to minors, so this is slowing things down a bit.
aeJuhaAnuValiahourals Juha is the Ural District president who is retiring soon. He met
with Zhanya and me and invited us to plan some seminars in his district.
aeMthursday210 A picture of our Maundy Thursday service--I remember as little kid
always being confused since it sounded like "monday-thursday"--I could never figure out what day of the week it was supposed to be celebrated.
aeprolifeZhanya1 A picture of Zhanya at the pro-life office.
aesergeiacolite Karl has done his first mentoring and taught German's son Sergei how to light the candles.
aeturyochurch The external view of the Church at Turyo. This church can seat
about 400 people--only about 10% of that show up for worship on a Sunday.
This month besides showing up for my usual Saturday (and the additional Saturday for mentoring) deacon Alexander asked me to come on Sunday to lead a short seminar to motivate the parishioners to plan more in house
aeturyodeniseGN Denis is a catechet who often helps teach Bible study. As he does not come from a Lutheran background, but loves to read, I gave him a set of GoodNews Journals in Russian.
aeturyoseminar1 These next four pictures of the Sunday seminar in Turyo on parish
evangelism--the basic premise is to get people to be willing to lead various activities at the church. Each activity would begin with a short devotion and prayer and end with a song and prayer, and serve as a means of getting people in the neighborhood acquainted with the Church. Parishioners can use their own interests--a chess club, a fishing club, a sewing circle, etc.--the key is to purposefully use these activities as a way to sow seeds of the Gospel.
aeturyoseminar2 aeturyoseminar3
aeturyoseminar4 Read Pastor Camp's Prayer Letter.