St. John's Lutheran Church

Conover, North Carolina

Pastors of St. John's Lutheran Church

Senior Pastor Rev. Scott Johnson

Pastor Johnson has been serving St. John's since 1995.

Pastor Johnson grew up in Wisconsin, attended the University of Wisconsin, and received his Master's of Divinity from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As part of his seminary training, Pastor Johnson served for a year as the vicar (student pastor) of Christ the Light Lutheran Church in Lolo, Montana. Following his ordination in the pastoral ministry, Pastor Johnson served for nine years as the pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Fairgrove, Michigan (one of the fastest growing congregations in the Michigan District). Pastor Johnson was installed as the pastor of St. John's in late 1995.

Pastor Johnson is married to Denise (nee' Bradtmueller) Johnson and they have six children (Suzanne, David, Joanna, Mary, Chance and Devine). Fishing is one of his favorite hobbies, but his great passion is telling people about the love and forgiveness that we have in Christ Jesus.

A few words from Pastor Johnson:

  • St. John's is a congregation filled with many, special, caring people who truly do radiate the love of Jesus Christ. St. John's is also a congregation with a strong commitment to family ministry; we strive to meet the needs of all ages - we have a strong Sunday School program, active youth groups, scouting programs, parenting and marriage enrichment classes are periodically offered, mid-week Bible Study classes are held, and we even have a senior citizens group that meets monthly. We would love to have you come and join us in worship and Bible Study. I am sure that if you come to St. John's even once, you'll want to come back again and again.


Stoking the Fire After a Fire

By Monica Robins. Life of the World

"The most difficult time in my ministry began on February 21, 2001, when St. John's Lutheran Church's sanctuary and main building were destroyed by a tragic fire," says the Rev. Scott Johnson. "Keeping a congregation's spirits high while we met in our church gym for two years was a challenge. God was faithful, and during the time of reconstruction our congregation actually grew and several new ministries were begun. It was a glorious day on November 9, 2003, when our new sanctuary was dedicated, and 906 people came to celebrate God's goodness and help."

Pastor Johnson has served as pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church in Conover, North Carolina, since 1995. Prior to that, he served as pastor of Grace Lutheran Church, Fairgrove, Michigan (1987-1995). In 2002, he became the Senior Pastor of St. John's when they added an assistant pastor to their staff, the Rev. Anton Lagoutine.

He also has a secondary education teaching degree from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (December 1982). He earned his Master of Divinity from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne (February 1987).

Pastor Johnson shared his enthusiasm for the direction St. John's has taken, even with the challenge of worshiping in the gymnasium and completing a building project. "One of the exciting things about being the pastor here at St. John's is to see how the Holy Spirit has been working in the members of this congregation to fill them with a true desire to reach out to the lost and unchurched. In recent years we have started a blind and visually impaired outreach ministry that is reaching many previously unreached people with the Gospel. We have started to take groups on short-term mission projects every other year, and more and more people are actively inviting others to join us in worship and Bible study!"

"We use Lutheran Worship as our principal hymnal," continues Pastor Johnson. St. John's now has two worship services on Sunday mornings. In the last six months, since they moved into their new sanctuary, they have averaged about 350 people in worship on Sunday mornings.

St. John's has several adult Bible classes on Sunday morning, a men's midweek Bible study, a midweek Bible study for men and women, several monthly home Bible studies, and other groups that meet monthly for Bible study. We encourage all the members of St. John's to be involved in at least one Bible study class each week.

"We also have a preschool that was started seven years ago," adds Pastor Johnson. "We have a class for three-year-olds and one for four-year-olds. It has an outstanding reputation and is making a difference in our community." The preschool meets for half days and charges a reasonable tuition. Many families that would have difficulty affording to send their children to other preschools are able to send them to St. John's.

On the topic of children, Pastor Johnson is clear about how he makes his family a priority. "I try hard to use all my vacation time each year and to make sure that I spend it with my family. I also try to be home every day when the kids get done with school, help them with their homework, and stay home to have supper with them. I also try to minimize how much work I do on Saturdays. I do not hesitate to reschedule meetings or other activities when there is something important going on with one of my children."

Pastor Johnson continues, "Spending adequate time with my family always is a struggle. Having six children it is extremely important for me to win the battle of scheduling and keep my family as a priority."

He says that he finds being a pastor a true joy. "Watching children grow up and want to live for Christ, teaching Bible class and seeing people come to understanding, comforting people with the Gospel when they are grieving, helping marriages to stay together, seeing God get the inactive re-energized for His kingdom . . . it is all a joy!"