St. John's Lutheran Church

Conover, North Carolina

Music staff of St. John's Lutheran Church

Music Director Singers for Christ David Osborne

David Osborne has been serving St. John's since 2002.


David Osborne was born and grew up in Marion. Virginia, attending school there, and graduating from Marion Senior High School. Afterwards he began public work. He moved to North Carolina in 1991 continuing to work. He began working for Distinction Leather in 1992 and is still currently employed there full time.

David has two children, Melodee and Phillip.

David began playing the piano at four years old. At 11 years old he also began learning to play the guitar. After moving to NC he received one year of lead guitar training, and also 2 years of training on the mandolin. He also participated in Bible classes and Choir directors classes offered by the LCMS through a program called Lutheran Musician Enrichment.

David has played for several groups in the past. He spent one year with a band called Young Bluegrass and 6 months with one called Calvary Ridge, both with a focus on bluegrass and Gospel. He spent two and a half years with St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Conover playing for their early service.

David began playing the piano for St. John's 8:00 AM service in May of 2002.