St. John's Lutheran Church

Conover, North Carolina

Children and youth ministries at St. John's


Logos Youth Midweek Program

In the beginning was the Word...And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.  John 1:1,14.
(logos is a transliteration of the Greek λόγος, which means word)

Welcome to LOGOS: …developing genuine and lasting relationships between young people and Jesus Christ, between young people and their pastors, parents, other adults of the congregation, and their peers.

Purposes of LOGOS

  • To create an understanding and desire in young people for accepting Christ as Lord and Savior;
  • To develop intelligent, active, and loyal membership and leadership in the church;
  • To give worthwhile study, wholesome recreation and opportunities for service, all bound up in a true Christian fellowship;
  • To develop the kind of Christians who are able and willing to communicate their faith and to assume personal responsibility in assisting in the building of God’s kingdom on earth.

LOGOS is not a substitute for, or a replacement of, standard programs of Sunday School and other Christian nurture programs of the church. Rather, it is another unique area of Christian nurture and a strong enhancer to the total program of the church.

LOGOS enables a local church to offer its young people the positive aspect of summer conference, but on a weekly basis. In the context of a commitment based, disciplined and structured program, young people enjoy Christian fellowship through creative recreational activities, participation in choir/worship, group study of contemporary and Biblical values, and through sharing a meal together.

LOGOS also provides an opportunity to explore one’s identity in a Christian environment. Pastors and other congregational leaders can become friends, as well as counselors and teachers. Not only does LOGOS meet the needs of youth, the program is a valuable tool for the family involvement and renewal, as parents and other members of the church are drawn into active participation.



Four Parts of Logos

Every person’s experience of the LOGOS Program is designed to have four parts. These parts combine to create the structure in which the theology and practice of Christian relationships” can happen.

These four parts are:

  1. Bible Study
    The Bible hour is the “Heart of the LOGOS Program.” The goal is to nurture our children and young people into intelligent, obedient, biblically informed discipleship.
    The Bible Hour is a time for building bridges…
    A bridge of relationships between God and God’s people and among God’s people,
    A bridge between ancient words of Scripture and the world of the learners today,
    A bridge between Sundays, and
    A bridge between the church and the home,
    Bible Knowledge Travels a Relational Bridge!
  2. Worship Skills/Choir
    The goal of the Worship Skills/Choir time is to develop responsibility for and practice in worship skills because worship is our primary service to God as disciples and is the basic form of Christian service that informs and motivates all other kinds of serving. The active participation of children and youth in worship benefits the entire congregation.
  3. Activity Time
    The goal of activity time is to experience great fun at the expense of no one else. Crazy games that get everyone moving and laughing allow athletes and non-athletes an equal chance for fun. Quiet games and crafts are alternate activities. Everyone feels good about themselves and everyone else. Relationships are developed as children and adults reveal themselves in play and share the joy. A study hall is available during this time.
  4. Family Time/Dinner Hour
    The goal of family time is to provide a joyous inter-generational celebration of personhood over a shared meal as we experience being the family of God.  Family Time/Dinner hour is the one period in which all LOGOS participants are together.  Dinner is shared together around tables led by Table Parents, relationship grow and children and youth are nurtured.  Family fun time after dinner (games, singing, etc.) allows each participant to experience wholesome time and make a dinner hour a joyous, inter-generational celebration.


LOGOS Program Rule

I am a child of God
You are a child of God
We will treat each other as children of God
With love and respect.
Remember: Discipline is teaching children and youth acceptable behavior by limiting what they can and cannot do.

Cooperation with all members of the staff should be stressed by the parents at home. General demeanor at LOGOS should reflect Christian thought and concern for others. Courtesy is expected at all times whether in study or play.

Disciplinary problems will be dealt with as promptly, realistically, and consistently as possible, as they are detrimental to the progress of the entire class and sometimes to the safety and well-being of other students. Questions about disciplinary procedures should be addressed to the director or the pastor.

Disciplinary Procedure
The sequence of steps to be followed in handling disciplinary problems is:

1. The leader/teacher attempts to handle the situation in a positive way, without embarrassing the child involved. (Warning to the child.)
2. If the behavior is disruptive and continues, the child is sent to discuss it with one of the peacemakers.
3. If there is a continuing problem that has not been resolved, the Peacemaker will call the parents of the child involved to seek input of help in solving the problem.
4. If the problem persists, a conference will be scheduled with the child, the teachers, LOGOS director, pastors and parents.

Family Time Rules
1. Only the sweetie pie and the table parent are to be up from the table.

2. Hands up means give attention to the Dinner Dean

3. Everyone is served before anyone starts eating.

4. Talk at conversational sound level-NO SHOUTING

5. You are expected to be cooperative and pleasant in table fellowship

6. Table parents are the only ones who can excuse persons from the table

7. One table parent at the table at all times

8. HAVE FUN!!!

Parental Participation

The LOGOS Program enables parents to fulfill a portion of the basic responsibilities set by God for them in the raising of their children. Parents are to take an active role in LOGOS and are to assist their children with assignments, encourage their regular participation, and nurture their faith and growth in the Christian life.

Active participation by at least one parent or sponsor of every child in LOGOS is required. Since the staff is volunteer, part time service by a large number of people is essential to keep the many activities going. At least as important, however, is the “moral boosting” effect of the parent’s physical presence and visible support of the program from time to time. This is a vital element in the successful operation of the LOGOS program.

At the time of registration, either one or both parents or sponsors will be given the opportunity to fill out a Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet indicating how they would like to be involved.

Dinner Hour
Parents and sponsors are invited and encouraged to attend the dinner hour as often as possible. They will sit at special tables for adults and participate in all dinner time activities. Please call the church office to make a reservation for dinner by Monday of the week you would like to attend. Cost for the meal is $3 per person.

How to Help Your Child in LOGOS

1. Insist upon regular attendance in the program on LOGOS day and in the choir/hand bell performance dates on Sunday morning and for special choir programs.

2. Assist your child in preparation of his/her weekly LOGOS Bible lesson. We do not want you to prepare this, but ask that you see to it that your child does so. An unprepared child soon loses interest because he/she cannot follow the class. If your young person is absent from LOGOS, he/she should prepare their assignment for the next week as they would if they had been present.

3. See that your son or daughter brings his/her workbook each week. There is nothing for a student to do in class if the book is at home. Should a book be lost, it must be replaced. Another may be purchased through the LOGOS director for $15. Lost and found LOGOS books will be taken to the church office. LOGOS bags may be purchased to assist your child in keeping LOGOS materials together and to aid in transporting them from home to LOGOS.

4. See that your child brings his/her Bible each week. Since the study is Bible centered, it is important to have personal Bibles in class.

5. Fulfill your commitment in your assigned areas of LOGOS service. Volunteers in LOGOS are not paid, but are working for their Lord in committing this time for the development of young people, and you, by giving of your time, render a vital service to our youth. Arrange for your own substitute when necessary.

6. Arrange for prompt payment of LOGOS program fees.

7. Encourage and participate in daily Bible reading and prayer. Regular Bible reading and prayer are encouraged in the home. It is not easy to establish such a habit, but a regular time set aside each day will help. At meal time or just before bed often prove to be the times most easily kept. Some of the LOGOS assignments can be used at this time.

8. When your child is scheduled to sing or play hand bells, it is important that you help your child fulfill his choir commitment by getting him to the church on time. Participation in periodic worship is part of the LOGOS commitment.

9. Stress the importance of courtesy and good behavior at LOGOS. Emphasis on these matters at home will greatly ease the work of our staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

My child has too much homework. What shall we do?

We usually make time for those things we count important –priorities need to be established. If you consider that you will be eating dinner, either at church or at home, LOGOS demands are not extravagant. A supervised study hall is available for the child who is worried about completing all his/her assignments at home, but should only be used when necessary.

Does every child have to be in choir?

Yes, every child will participate in choir or hand bell choir; this is the child’s way of giving personal service to God and the church

Can’t we do away with dinner and save time, trouble, and money?

To have only part of the program destroys the essence of its success. To eliminate any of the program diminishes its importance and success by over one-half. The value of LOGOS is not the activities offered, but a total program of growing relationships.

Can’t this be on a Sunday?

There is a real value in mid-week education. It tends to teach that religion is not separate from daily activities. It is relevant to young people – much of their major activity occurs during the weekday school year. Attendance on weekdays is almost guaranteed; Sunday, for many, has become a day of recreation and absenteeism.

I work. How can I fulfill my requirement for parental participation?

There are a variety of opportunities for parental participation in LOGOS which will be discussed at the parents meetings. If none of these suit your work schedule, please speak with the director for other possibilities.

Doesn’t this compete with Sunday School?

No. In every situation where LOGOS is used, the tendency has been to upgrade Sunday School. The children come to Sunday School as better friends and with better background to add to class discussions, etc…

Can my neighbor, who belongs to another church, join?

The program is open to all children in the community. However, we request that all children participate in services at St. John’s Lutheran Church when they are scheduled to sing or play handbells with their choir.

Can my child come to only one part of the program?

No. The value of the LOGOS Program is not the activities offered but a total program of growing relationships through a variety of activities. It is a balanced approach and understanding to Christian discipleship that seeks to nurture the whole person in the context of a caring Christian community.

How important is it for my child to be in worship service?

Very!! We feel the Sunday worship experience is central to your child’s spiritual growth. We will expect them to be present.

Is it important that my child attend weekly?

Sporadic attendance lessens the importance of LOGOS in your child’s mind and in the minds of their peers who are also affected by their absence. Your child may need encouragement from you now and then to be regular in attendance.

Provision for Participation in School Activities

Because we believe LOGOS is more important than all forms of secular education, we discourage children from being absent for any reason other than illness. However, young people who are involved in school athletic programs or other extra curricular activities at a particular season of the year and are, therefore, unable to attend LOGOS at the regularly scheduled time, may make arrangements with the LOGOS director for continuing participation in the program. Each case will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Arrangements for Visitors
Guests are always welcome. If you wish to bring a friend, call the church office by Monday to make a reservation. Upon arrival at the church, the visitor is to be registered and a fee of $2 is to be paid for the meal. Visitors are expected to stay with the student who brings them throughout the entire program scheduled for that particular day. Visitors may attend LOGOS two times. If they wish to continue after the second visit, they must enroll in the program and agree to the same commitments as other members.

Snow Policy
In the event of inclement weather, the LOGOS program will follow the Newton-Conover School schedule. If school is canceled for the day, the LOGOS program will also be canceled.