St. John's Lutheran Church

Conover, North Carolina

Adult ministries and groups

Lutheran Laymen's League

LLL of St. John's is a part of Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHR) which is a worldwide organization that produces TV and radio broadcasts in order to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The mission of LHR: "Bringing Christ to the Nations -- and the Nations to the Church." Their vision: "We will become a growing number of involved and enthusiastic supporters who evangelize to an increasing number of people worldwide, connecting them to the church."

Lutheran Laymen's League of our church is also involved in raising money through an Easter breakfast and annual BBQ dinner which is held in January of each year to help needy persons or organizations.
The men normally meet on the fourth Sunday of each month except June and July when they recess for the summer. It's a breakfast meeting held at 7:00 am in the Joy Room of our CIF Building. If you would like to find out more about this group, come to one of their meetings.

Wives and family members are welcome to come to the meetings also, especially to their December meeting which is held at a local restaurant.